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Are you looking for a local driver?

  My name is Daniel Campos. I have driven for many years all over Costa Rica discovering all kinds of beautiful places and looking for the best options to show to my family, friends and customers. I am pleased you have stumbled upon this website. Please contact me and let me know about all the questions and doubts you might have. It will be a pleasure to give you that last push you need to decide to visit this beautiful corner that is my country.

Why is hiring a driver the best way to go around Costa Rica?

Why would you want to hire a driver during your stay in Costa Rica?   Some customers have told me they were recommended not to drive in Costa Rica. Some have read on different websites and blogs about the conditions they might face. Things like bad infrastructure or wild drivers among other situations. Up to some extent, it could be true. It is not as wild as you might imagine though. If you drive defensively and you expect everything from everybody; You will be fine. Now. When you think about all of the troubles you could avoid. The hassle that represents renting a vehicle and the liability and risk that driving in a place you are not familiar with could bring. The very narrow, winding and not well taken care of roads, the lack of signs and information. That's when the idea starts making sense. Moreover, if you really want to enjoy the trip, to take photos everywhere and to talk with your friends in the car, without having to pay attention to every possible thing going